Ban Jabo Village : Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Ban Jabo is a small mountain village located about sixty kilometers from Mae Hong Son and a little less from the Pai. Ban Jabo Village in Mae Hong Son province is still relatively unknown to foreign tourists but very popular with Thais who come in large numbers during the so-called cold season (November to March), especially on weekends and public holidays.

The village is populated by the Lahu hilltribe and sits on the crest of a mountain range overlooking an amazing landscape, one of the most spectacular in the region. You will find several restaurants with terrace on stilts to enjoy the view while eating for cheap. But to make the most of the setting, the atmosphere of the village and the view, the best thing is to spend the night in Ban Jabo village.

There are several homestays, camp grounds and very simple accommodation. You will sleep most of the time like the locals in very basic conditions in rooms with woven bamboo partitions or in tents but that’s part of the experience. And if you are lucky you will wake up facing a sea of mist. This is what made the reputation of Ban Jabo.

How to get there: Ban Jabo Village in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand is located between Pai and Mae Hong Son city center. It is about 1 hr 20 min (55km) drive from Pai vía route 1095.

Ban Jabo Village
Location: Moo 4 Pang Mapha Subdistrict, Soppong, Mae Hong Son 58150 Thailand

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