Bambu Spa : Jakarta, Indonesia

In 2008 Bambu Spa was officially opened, with the aim of pampering women from exhaustion due to their daily activities. So that by doing relaxation at Bambu Spa, the women are expected to get a fresh body and mind.

One of the plus points that Bambu Spa has is that we provide a spa using genuine bamboo. Why use bamboo? Because bamboo can store heat well, so that the warmth needed when a spa can be obtained maximally.

Bambu Spa uses original Bamboo for massages. They also offers various treatments including bust treatment, slimming treatment, and V spa.

Enjoy pampering yourself with our treatments from head to toe and feel the touch of Authentic Indonesian treatments.

Bambu Spa
Call +62 812-9428-2880 Open: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Website:

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