Badian Island Wellness Resort : Cebu, Philippines

Badian Island Wellness Resort is the only world class hotel and resort situated in a small island at the Southwest Coast of Cebu. Barely minutes from the mainland, this island paradise in the Philippines, aims health and well being to all of its guests while working in harmony with nature.

The stressful city life is relieved every time our personalized and efficient service is experienced in the island that you can experience both luxury and pleasure.

Whether it’s for relaxation or spending time with persons that matters most to you, the island provides a perfect hideaway. Indulge in natures bounty.

Allow yourself to enjoy the luxury of well-being in harmony with nature, the luxury of basking into the naturally healing clean open air and tranquil waters of the island.

Badian Island Wellness Resort
Address: 6031 Zaragosa Island, Cebu, Philippines
Phone: +63 32 354 1555 E-mail: Website:

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