Aseania Resort & Spa : Langkawi : Kedah, Malaysia

Aseania Resort & Spa Langkawi offers a fairytale-liked vacation for its visitors. Imagine the head over heels relationship between tourists and beaches that are never-ending; the continuous love and compassion that beaches deliver in terms of calm and peacefulness to whomever that travels by had successfully enhance the exclusivity of our resort that sits elegantly at Cenang Beach. Being a favourite travelling spot for many, visitors can sit back and relax while enjoying the best jiffy of their life; the enjoyment of the gentle touch from the sun along with the slow whispers of the sea.

Having such tremendous creation sheltering the core of this secret escapade, our resort serve as the best business and leisure resort in the profound island of Langkawi. Being just 6.5km away from Langkawi Airport, our resort provides a gateway that fulfills both the simple pleasure of business and fun-filled travelling expedition for its guests.

Aseania Resort & Spa Langkawi that lies at the southern core of Langkawi, a member of the 99 tropical, island of Peninsular Malaysia, which is rich in heritage as well as unique landscape is the perfect living environment that many longed for. Being a sanctuary that is refreshing and stimulating, Langkawi was awarded as a World Geopark status by UNESCO on June of 2007. Complimenting the finest masterpiece of Mother Nature, the structure of our resort comprehends 7.5219 acres of lavishness that is highlighted the vivid greeneries and exotic bio-network.

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