Ao Thian Og : Koh Tao : Suratthani, Thailand

Thian Og is a lovely, quiet place to come and relax. It is known as ‘Shark Bay’ due to the blacktip reef sharks that frequent here. An entrance fee is charged. You can also visit the bay by boat or kayak.

Ao Thian Og leaves most of the other beaches on Koh Tao back at the starting post in terms of sheer beauty. The perfect arc of white, fluffy sand and azure waters will leave you breathless. Almost always quiet and serene, this is the perfect place to chill out for an afternoon.

The beach has shade from shrubs rather than trees and is empty much of the time despite its proximity to Chalok Baan Kao. While people stay away, sharks flock here, however: it’s a popular bay with divers.

Ao Thian Og is separated from Chalok Baan Kao by a peninsula, and on the eastern flank of this peninsula, facing Ao Thian Og, you’ll find Ao Taa Chaa which has good snorkelling and a couple of very well-appointed resorts perched on its edge.

Ao Thian Og
Location: Koh Tao : Suratthani, Thailand

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