Ananta Nakaraj Barge Temple (Wat Nong Hu Ling) : Maha Sarakham, Thailand

Ananta Nakaraj Barge Temple is barge-shaped temple represents a merit barge. When you are entering the temple, we have to go under Rahul so that Rahul swallows bad things inside of you. The small and low door reminds visitors of being humble. When looking up, you will see the Dvaravati principle Buddha image in the attitude of giving the first sermon in front of use.

You can walk around the temple to learn Dharma puzzles at the corners of the temple. The place was designed by the abbot named Phra Kru Bavorn Dhammakhun and built by the villagers in the community. This beautiful and valuable artwork is like Noah’s Ark of Buddhism. It was not built to contain animals, but for goodness and merit. You can visit the temple in Kae Dam District, Maha Sarakham.

Traveling to this temple, you can take the road to Roi Et about 10 km. from the center of Maha Sarakham, then you will see the signpost of Wat Nong Hu Ling, turn right and go further until reaching Ban Nong Hu Ling (this route is also connected to Mai Kae Dam Bridge). Most tourists usually plan to visit this temple along with Mai Kae Dam Bridge.

Ananta Nakaraj Barge Temple (Wat Nong Hu Ling)
Address: Mittraphap Kae Dam, Maha Sarakham 44190 Thailand

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