Ai Yoeweng Sea Mist : Yala, Thailand

Ai Yoeweng Sea Mist is the biggest and the most beautiful sea of mist in the southern region. It is a tourist attraction that was recently found next to La-Ong Rung Waterfall, which is going to be declared as Bang Lang National Park. It is about 40 kilometers away from Betong District, Yala Province.

It can be accessed by car by taking Thanon Thang Yaek up to the telecommunication repeater station at km 12. Bang Mali in Betong District is about 600 meters higher than sea level. In the early morning during October-March, the biggest and the most beautiful sea of mist can be seen in the southern region almost every day. In the afternoon, it can be a viewpoint to watch the mountains and beautiful lake above Bang Lang Dam.

Unseen Southern border; Sea of mist that can be seen every morning throughout the year with a height of 2,038 feet. It can be seen for all 365 days.

The top is more than 2,000 feet high, which can see the sea of mist in the morning for 8 months a year. You can go there by taking Thang Yaek at km 33, the route number 410, on the paved road up the mountain about 7 km. It is located between Moo 4 and Moo 6 of Ai Yoeweng Sub-District.

Ai Yoeweng Sea Mist
Address: Betong District, Yala 95110 Thailand

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