Wat Yansangwararam : Pattaya : Chonburi : Thailand

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Wat Yansangwararam is a well-known temple in the area of Banglamung Mountain. Visitor can see a fascinating view from the temple to Pattaya City. The temple was established in order to celebrate the King of Thailand.

In this attraction, visitor can find a number of fascinating things such as pagodas from mixed Thai-India art style, and so on. Everyday, there are lots of tourists visiting Wat Yansangwararam. Its location is outside of Pattaya city, but it’s not too far to visit.

In 1977, Khun Kajorn and Khun Nithewvadee Aontrakarn offered a territory, approximately 100 Rai, to Somdet Pra Yarnsangworn for establishing temple named Yansarnworn. During establishing the temple, Khun Nithewvadee and Khun Suarree Aontrakarn also offered another 366 toward the king of Thailand, where it was utilized to be the area for this temple as well.

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Wat Yansangwararam : Pattaya : Chonburi : Thailand

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