Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda : Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

Dawei – The lush and quiet city lives from fishing, trading, rubber & coconut plantation and mining. During rainy season (May to October) it becomes one of the wettest places on the planet.

There are quite a few pagodas and temples around Dawei with are worth a visit, for example Shin Moe Thi Pagoda, which is dating back to 1438.

Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda is the main pagoda in Dawei. On the same compound is the public museum (open 4.30 pm – 6.30 pm) which houses numerous ancient Buddha images, vases and coins. About 15 kilometers west is the famous Maung Ma Gan Beach.

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Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda : Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar

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