Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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Nha Tho Duc Ba Saigon still plays a major role in many of Ho Chi Minh City’s residents. Vietnam has almost 6 million Roman Catholics and is second only to the Philippines in the whole of Asia.

Nha Tho Duc Ba Saigon, otherwise known as Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, sits regally at Number 1 Cong Truong Cong Xa Paris Street, right opposite the Saigon Central Post Office.

It’s just across 30- 4 Park from Reunification Palace and diagonally across from Diamond Plaza. This makes it a convenient inclusion for any walking tour around Ho Chi Minh City’s major tourist spots.

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Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica : Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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