Phaeng Waterfall : Koh Phangan : Suratthani, Thailand

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Phaeng Waterfall : This lovely waterfall is located in Ban Madua Wan on the road to Chaloklum. Its well worth seeing, but prepare yourself for a challenging climb–The main waterfall is a steep 250m walk up a jungle trail.

Once you arrive you can wash the sweat of your exertions off in a fresh water pool. Once you’ve had a chance to recover, go another 200m up the path, where you can see Koh Phangan laid out before you in a stunning kaleidoscope of lush green and mist.

For the more adventurous, experienced hiker, there is a little jungle trek up the mountain to Khao Ra viewpoint-just follow the signs all along the trail.

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Phaeng Waterfall : Koh Phangan : Suratthani, Thailand

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