Doi Suthep – Doi Pui National Park : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Doi Suthep – Doi Pui National Park covers a 262-square-meter verdant forest and mountain ranges in three districts of Chiang Mai.

Attractions in this national park include Huai Kaeo Waterfall and Kru Ba Sri Wichai monument tribute to a Buddhist monk who successfully initiated the construction of a road to the peak of Doi Suthep, which was completed in 1935.

Among the major hills: Doi Suthep, Doi Buak Ha, and Doi Pui, Doi Suthep is perhaps the best known as its peak is the location of a sacred Wat Phra That Di Suthep and the golden pagoda that shrines against the sun.

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Doi Suthep – Doi Pui National Park : Chiang Mai, Thailand

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