Cheah Kongsi : Penang, Malaysia

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Established in 1810, Cheah Kongsi is one of the oldest Hokkien clan associations in George Town, Penang. Its members have their ancestral origins from Sek Tong Seah in the Sam Tor District of the Hai Teng County at Cheang Chew Prefecture, Fujian Province, China.

The first person to have the Cheah surname was SIN PEK and the 36th generation descendent was XIE AUN (320-385A.D.), who was the premier of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He was also known as GUANG HUI SHENG WANG. During the Tang Dynasty, two generals known as Teoh Soon and Khaw Wan from the Sek Tong Seah sacrificed their lives to defend Hwa Yang gate to stop the rebels invasion. The Tang emperor posthumously bestowed them the honorific title “Hock Haw” which means prosperous marquis. The Cheah clans worship HOCK HAW KONG as their patron deity.

Cheah Beng Him also known as Cheah Tong San who was the progenitor moved to Sek Tong Seah during the 13th century. He had two sons named Toh Beng and Toh Kee. Members of the present Cheah Kongsi are descendants of Toh Beng and Toh Kee.

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Cheah Kongsi : Penang, Malaysia

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